Accessibility & Flexibility

     In recent years, banks have expanded their hours of operation.  So you may wonder if using my services is really that much more convenient.  Here are some recent examples of when it was not only more convenient, but where it actually made the difference in the client getting the house, and the realtor getting the sale.

  • A client went to an open house one Sunday with their realtor.  Offers were being presented the following night.  They knew it was going to be competitive and wanted to ensure the financing wouldn’t be an issue.  The client had to work the next day, and thus couldn’t get to their bank.  I was able to work with the client that evening and get them pre-approved by noon the following day, allowing them to present an offer with confidence.
  • A realtor received a sign back for one of our joint clients at 9pm.  The client needed to know straightaway if, with the new mortgage rules, they could offer more and still get approved.  Not only was I available to help them immediately, I was able to rerun the numbers and allow them to counter offer before the 11 pm deadline.  Their counter offer was accepted, something that couldn’t have happened if the client had had to wait until the next morning to deal with a bank.

    Why risk a deal and your clients happiness by working with someone who isn’t there when you need them?

Greater Options

     How does the fact I work with 35 different lenders benefit you and your client?  Simply put, it gives us more options for rate and terms, and (most importantly) significantly increases the likelihood of getting an approval.  With access to national and private lenders, in addition to the big banks, I have a vast variety of mortgages available to clients who otherwise wouldn’t get approved.  Take a look at my numbers for this past year…

100% of my clients had their applications approved

50% were first time buyers

38% were self-employed

13% had a poor credit history

13% were new Canadians (less than two years in the country)

   Why limit your options for getting your client that house they love?

Complimentary Services

I want to be a Better Mortgage Partner to both you and your clients!  Here are some of the complimentary services I offer to realtors…

*Rate sheets for your open houses

*On-the-spot pre-qualifying for open house visitors

*Donations to Habitat for Humanity in your name for every approval you refer

*Reciprocating referrals